F1 quiz: Multiple-time winners of the British Grand Prix

Mark Scott
Fans and flags in a Silverstone stand. British Grand Prix 2021

Fans fill up a grandstand at Silverstone where flags are waived. England, July 2021.

This latest F1 quiz to test your British Grand Prix knowledge as we build up to the big race at Silverstone on July 3.

Winning the British Grand Prix once is enough to make any driver’s CV look impressive, but 17 drivers can proudly boast having won this iconic on more than one occasion throughout Formula 1’s storied past.

And that is precisely what you are going to be tested on here! You have a handy eight minutes on the clock to name as many drivers as possible to have won the British Grand Prix (at any circuit, not just Silverstone) multiple times.

Some answers will certainly be more obvious than others but, with some of them stemming all the way back to the 1950s and 1960s, one or two may trip you up along the way.

Surnames only are acceptable, but feel free to also type first and last names if you fancy showing off. It’s up to you.

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Best of luck!