F1 Quiz: Name Juan Manuel Fangio’s 24 race wins

Johnnie Victoria

Juan Manuel Fangio was the first legend of Formula 1, with records that stood for years to come. Today, to mark his birth date, this F1 quiz is based on the man himself as we challenge you to name his 24 race wins.

El Maestro was the original GOAT in Formula 1, dominating the first decade of the World Championship era. In 10 years, he won five World Championships.

That was a record for most championships that stood for 46 years until 2003 when Michael Schumacher won his sixth title.

Fangio still sits in third place for most championships, but his most impressive feat in the WDC regards, and one that could possibly never be broken, is that he won those five championships with four different teams; Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Maserati twice.

He won 24 races, had 29 pole positions, 35 podiums, 23 fastest laps, and two Grand Slams. He also holds the highest winning percentage in Formula 1 at 46.15%.

There was nobody quite like him at the time, and Fangio paved the way for other future greats of F1.

To honour the man on what would have been his birthday, we have created this quiz, where we go back to his race wins and ask you to name each one of them.

As mentioned prior, he had 24 race wins in his career. That may seem like a bit of a daunting task, but it’s a lot easier than you’d think.

We’re giving you only five minutes, since there are a number of duplicate answers. And as for your answer, it can be the Grand Prix name, or simply just the country.

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Good luck!