F1 quiz: One-time Formula 1 pole-sitters since 1970

Henry Valantine
Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc on the grid. Saudi Arabia March 2022.

Our latest F1 quiz is a toughie. Now that a certain Red Bull driver has a pole position to his name, we are after every driver to have earned only one P1 start since 1970.

Plenty of drivers have taken multiple poles, many have got none at all, but 17 of them (at the time of writing) have led the formation lap just once before the start of a race.

But with 52 years of racing to sift through and only 17 drivers, we have decided to give you a little clue by listing in which race these particular drivers had their pole position.

The newest one should be easy enough, but you will have to trawl through your Formula 1 knowledge to get the rest. If you get all 17, we will be extremely impressed indeed.

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For now though, we want to see the 17 drivers to have gained a solitary pole position in their careers. Good luck!