F1 Quiz: Races won with the Ferrari 312B

Johnnie Victoria
Sir Lewis Hamilton has been offered the chance to drive the 1970 Ferrari 312B owned by Paolo Barilla

For this F1 quiz, can you name the races which were won with the Ferrari 312B models, including the one driven by Niki Lauda that Charles Leclerc crashed?

The 1974 Ferrari 312B3-74 was in the news over the weekend, as Charles Leclerc crashed the iconic car while taking it for a few laps round Monaco during the 2022 Monaco Historic Grand Prix.

The car is remembered fondly as it was the first challenger for Niki Lauda.

But the 312 design was used first in the 1970 season before three more versions were developed – the 312B2, 312B3 and the 312B3-74.

The 312B3, which debuted in the fourth round of the 1973 season, was unfortunately slower and more unreliable than the 312B2.

The car was heavily revised for the 1974 season, and was dubbed the 312B3-74.

It fared much better than the year prior, with Lauda in his first season and teammate Clay Regazzoni managing to finish second in the constructors’ standings.

However, it wasn’t around for long, as it was replaced with the equally iconic 312T after two races in the 1975 season.

While the 312B never saw any championship glory over its six-season life, it did pick up 10 wins, 22 pole positions and 21 fastest laps.

And seeing as the later 312B3 design was the one they based the 312T, it’s fair to say the 312B deserves its place in the F1 memory banks.

With all that said, the challenge for this F1 quiz is to name the 10 Grands Prix in which the 312B picked up the victory.

You can name the Grand Prix itself or just the country.

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As for this quiz, good luck!