F1 quiz: Top 10 drivers with most consecutive race finishes

Jon Wilde
Chequered flag at Red Bull Ring, Austria 2020

The chequered flag is waved at the end of the Austrian GP. July 5th 2020

“To finish first, first you have to finish” was one of the famous commentary quotes from the late, great Murray Walker.

This quiz is not about finishing first, but it is about finishing – as often as possible and without interruption.

So can you name the 10 F1 drivers who have enjoyed the lengthiest sequences of races without the dreaded DNF?

When you look at the all-time list, a couple of these racers actually appear twice among the leading dozen with separate impressive spells of consistently reaching the chequered flag. But we have only included each of that duo once, with their highest sequence listed.

You will see we have given you a couple of hints in the form of the number of races and the years that covered the sequence of races – shows you how much F1 reliability has improved in the last couple of decades, doesn’t it?

Eight minutes are on the clock for you to try and get the full house…


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For now though, good luck with this one!

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