F1 quiz: Top 10 drivers with the most career points

Johnnie Victoria
Michael Schumacher celebrates. Italy September 2006

Michael Schumacher celebrates with trophy in one hands and the champagne in his other. Italy September 2006

It’s that Friday feeling, so we’ve gone lenient with this F1 quiz that tests you to name the top 10 drivers with the most career points.

But don’t think these F1 quizzes will be this easy that often. You might not even find it that easy but compared to others, it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

The test before you requires you to name the 10 drivers who have scored the most career points in Formula 1 history.

This list does take into account the different point-scoring systems over the years, and as such, the list has been adjusted to be correct under the current point-scoring system.

Think about the past, think about the present. Think of drivers with multiple Drivers’ Championship titles. Think of the drivers who never even won one.

You might even be surprised as to who makes this list and who doesn’t, as well as where each driver ranks.

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As for today, good luck and have fun!