F1 Quiz: Can you name every F1 World Champion?

Mark Scott
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

At a bit of a loose end? Want to make your work day go a little bit faster? Then have a go at tackling one of our F1 quizzes.

Whether you are fresh new Formula 1 fan or a grizzled veteran of watching the sport, knowing the current 33 men to have etched their name into the World Champion history books is and always will be essential knowledge.

Some names will immediately spring to mind, but there are sure to be one or two who have slipped your mind.

You have a rather generous 20 minutes to get them all but, if you are feeling very confident ahead of hitting the play button, let’s see how quickly you can complete the list.

All you have to help you is simply how many World Championships that particular driver has won. However, one time-saving tip we will give you is that you can just type surnames only.

Let us know on Twitter @Planet_F1 or our Facebook page how you got on.

We are here for all your boasts or tales of anguish when you pulled out an obscure name but the timer ran out.

If you cannot view the quiz below, then head on over to the Sporcle website where the quiz is also listed.

Good luck!