F1 Quiz: 25 podium finishers from the 2010s

Mark Scott
Formula 1 podium finishers

Formula 1 podium finishers

We have seen some very familiar faces on the Formula 1 podium over the past decade, but can you name all 25 of them?

With large periods of domination, firstly from Red Bull and then from the juggernaut that is Mercedes, Formula 1 is often criticised for its rather predictable nature when it comes to race winners and podium finishers.

But, as you work your way through the usual suspects, there are a few obscure names that pop up to show that there are at least a few deviations from what we consider the norm.

So, are you ready to hit play? You have 20 minutes to rack your brains for the 25 names that have featured on a Formula 1 podium over the last 10 years.

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