Guess the Grid: 2002 Austrian Grand Prix

Johnnie Victoria
2002 Austrian Grand Prix, 12th May 2002.

The drivers get underway at the A1-Ring in Speilberg, Austria for the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix, 12th May 2002.

The challenge for today’s F1 quiz is to name the starting grid for the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix.

This race is mostly remembered for one main issue – team orders.

It was a Ferrari kind of day, as it was for 15 of the 17 races that season. The team were unstoppable that year with the iconic F2002.

Everyone knows of the iconic image of the two Ferraris crossing the line together for a photo finish in Indianapolis later that season.

But do you remember what happened in Austria?

The pole-sitter had led every lap of the race, with his team-mate following closely behind with no contest.

Then the controversial team orders happened on the last lap of the race.

Going through the final corner, Ferrari team boss Ross Brawn gave the orders and the race leader slowed down.

His team-mate did not want it, but ended up taking the chequered flag just a tenth of a second ahead.

On the podium, the race winner pulled his team-mate up onto the top step and gave him the winner’s trophy.

Yet still the fans booed and jeered for team orders had again been at play.

Team orders were than banned from the 2003 season onwards, until they were brought back in 2010.

It was a moment that overshadowed the whole race, which also featured a major accident that luckily the two drivers involved in walked away from.

For today’s Guess the Grid F1 quiz, you need to name the starting grid order for the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix.

There were a lot of iconic names in F1 at that time, so the full 22-driver grid should not be too much of a challenge. Good luck!

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