Guess the Grid: 1982 South African Grand Prix

Johnnie Victoria


The 1982 season started in South Africa with a driver revolt. For today’s Guess the Grid F1 quiz, can you name the starting grid for the 1982 South African Grand Prix?

The 1982 season was one somewhat marred by ongoing war between two now defunct representative organisations in the sport; the Federation Internationale du Sport Automobile (FISA) and the Formula One Constructors Association (FOCA).

It all came to a head in April that season at the San Marino Grand Prix, when the teams affiliated with FOCA boycotted the race.

But the season also started with a different disagreement between the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association and FISA.

The GPDA took strike action in protest at the new super licence conditions imposed by FISA, which would have tied the drivers to one team for three years.

A compromise was later reached and the race went ahead as planned.

As for the race itself, the winner took victory in remarkable fashion. Suffering a puncture in the middle of the race, he dropped to eighth and was a lap down when he returned to the track.

He then proceeded to fight back, at times lapping the cars in front by three seconds or more. Within 20 laps, he had fought his way through and found himself behind the leader.

Five laps later he had the lead for himself, and he held on to it this time to take his fourth victory in Formula 1.

While he wouldn’t go on to win the WDC that year, he would eventually win a few in his career. The season also featured a former World Champion making his return after four years away.

The season featured three already World Champions – with one only on one but would go on to win another two – and three future World Champions, including that years’ champion.

Your challenge today in this F1 quiz is to name the starting grid for the 1982 South African Grand Prix. You only have the front 14 drivers to name here.

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Good luck!