Guess the Grid: 1986 Mexican Grand Prix

Johnnie Victoria

Welcome to Mexico

The Mexican Grand Prix returned to the calendar in 1986 after a long time away. Can you name the starting grid for the 1986 Mexican Grand Prix in this F1 quiz?

The 1986 season deserves more recognition for being one of the most exciting years of Formula 1.

Don’t get it twisted; it gets its love, but it really deserves so much more.

The season had its good times and it had its bad times.

Prior to the start of the year, Frank Williams, founder of the Williams team, was paralyzed after a road accident.

Tragic as that was, the team saw a lot of success this year, which surely brought happiness for everyone at Williams.

But despite winning the Constructors’ Championship and having the best car on the grid, their drivers still missed out on the Drivers’ Championship.

That award went to the 1985 champion from McLaren, making him the first driver to win back-to-back championships since Jack Brabham in 1959 and 1960.

He won the title in dramatic fashion on the final race in Australia, after the championship leader, driving for Williams, crashed out.

That’s just a little taste of what made the 1986 season so exciting.

Before they went to Australia for the final round, they visited Mexico for the first time in 16 years.

The Mexico circuit had been off the calendar since the 1970 season, and in its absence, it had undergone safety changes.

It was also renamed to what we know it still now as the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

For this F1 quiz, we want you to name the starting grid for the 1986 Mexican Grand Prix.

As we often do, we won’t task you with naming the whole grid, but instead just the front 14 drivers.

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Good luck!