Guess the Grid: 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix

Johnnie Victoria

1991 was a season filled with lasts, including during the Brazilian Grand Prix. For today’s F1 quiz, can you name the starting grid for the 1991 Brazilian GP?

The 1991 season was a special one for numerous reasons. The eventual World Champion etched his name into the history books by securing his third title, two rookie drivers entered the sport who would go on to become World Champions themselves, and it was the last time we’d see a legend of the sport at home, who won three Championships of his own.

It was the last Championship to be won by a Brazilian driver, a V-12-engined car, or a car equipped with a manual gearbox.

And as of 2021, it was the last time a Honda-powered car won the Constructors’ title.

But let’s go back to the start of the season. The second race of the season was the Brazilian Grand Prix, the home race for the eventual Champion.

He put in a masterful drive in front of his adoring home crowd, even struggling with a broken gearbox that left him with only sixth gear to the end of the race, and came home for his second consecutive win of the season.

However, it wasn’t all about him, and it’s not about the finishing positions. The challenge for this F1 quiz is to name the starting order for the 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Not the whole grid, mind you. There were 26 starters for the race. You only have to name the top 12. Once you’re done here, why not try yesterday’s Guess the Grid: 2011 European Grand Prix.

And there is the daily Sportword to try out after – with that one, you get six guesses to figure out the F1 themed word.

Good luck!