Guess the Grid: 1991 British Grand Prix

Johnnie Victoria

The 1991 British Grand Prix was the first year the race winner achieved a grand slam at Silverstone. He’d repeat the feat just one year later. For this F1 quiz, can you name the starting grid for the 1991 British Grand Prix?

The British Grand Prix has been a mainstay on the F1 calendar since the inception of the F1 World Championship in 1950.

Although it hasn’t always been at Silverstone. For the first five seasons it was held there, then after that year, it rotated with other circuits.

First it was Aintree, starting in 1955 till 1962, then Brands Hatch came along to do the same until 1986. After that season, Silverstone once again fully took over and has been the only site of the British Grand Prix since.

The most successful driver at the British GP is Lewis Hamilton, who has won at Silverstone eight times.

That is a record for most wins at one circuit that he shares with himself, winning the Hungarian GP eight times, and Michael Schumacher, who won the French GP eight times.

One driver comes third for most wins at the British Grand Prix with four. His victory in 1991 was his third win, but was also his first of two consecutive grand slams, repeating the feat the following year in 1992.

Your challenge for today’s Guess the Grid F1 quiz is to name the starting grid for the 1991 British Grand Prix.

We’re only looking for the front 14 drivers, not the full 26-driver grid.

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Good luck!