Guess the Grid: 2011 European Grand Prix

Mark Scott
A general shot of the starting grid for the 2011 European Grand Prix. Valencia 2011

The 2011 European Grand Prix may have been your usual win from a dominant racer during this era, but it did break two records which still stand to this day, and this forms the basis of your latest F1 quiz.

The first is that this particular race holds the records for the most finishers to a race in F1 history. With a whopping 24 drivers lining up, all 24 drivers were officially classified with no retirements.

As a result, this race joined a current list of 12 to have the fewest drivers not to be classified.

With a long week in store with no Formula 1 racing (roll on Silverstone) we’re asking you to name the complete starting grid for this particular race.

To clarify, we want the drivers in the order they started the race in, not how they finished it.

There are plenty of familiar names to be had, but we reckon there is a least one driver that you will have completely forgotten about.

If you fancy proving us wrong, then here you go!

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