Guess the Grid: 1996 Spanish Grand Prix

Johnnie Victoria
Michael Schumacher leads Jean Alesi at the 1996 Spanish Grand Prix.

Michael Schumacher closesly followed by Jean Alesi at the 1996 Spanish Grand Prix.

If you thought the Monaco Grand Prix just gone was a mess because of the rain, wait until you hear today’s F1 quiz challenge.

The 1996 Spanish Grand Prix was a hectic wet race. The rain was torrential and it cause all sorts of problems. But the race went on, and it had, quite literally, everything.

There were crashes right at the start and all throughout, retirements of all sorts, a disqualification, one masterful drive, and only six finishers.

The eventual race winner came back from a terrible start due to a clutch problem to claim one of his best victories of his career.

His performance was immesnse that day, and was a prime example of why he was given the nickname “Regenmeister”, which is translated from German to “Rainmaster”.

It should also be said that this was his first win in a Ferrari. That should be enough particular hints for that driver.

Elsewhere, the driver starting in pole position had a torrid race, spinning multiple times in the opening laps to drop him to eighth before careering into the pit wall, ending his race on lap 12.

Other drivers kept dropping out as the race went on, either due to mechanical failures or they crashed out due to the wet weather in Barcelona on the day.

Quick note, this is the order in which all the drivers qualified. The starter in 12th had an issue that required him to start from the pits. But for this quiz, he is stays in his starting position.

Another note to keep in mind is there were 20 starters out of 22 cars on the day, as two failed to qualify under Formula 1’s 107% rule.

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