Guess the Grid: 2011 German Grand Prix finishers

Johnnie Victoria
The start of the 2011 German Grand Prix July 2011

The grid gets away at the 2011 German Grand Prix, 24th July 2011, Nurburgring, Germany.

Today’s Guess the Grid F1 quiz sends you back before the turbo-hybrid era to name the finishers of the exhilarating 2011 German Grand Prix.

The 2011 German Grand Prix proved to be an exciting event, with a three-way battle for the win highlighting the race.

There were mistakes, fight-backs, solid strategy decisions and taxis back to the grid post-race.

The race winner picked up his second win of the season, while the World Championship leader could only muster fourth place after spinning early on.

The strategy in the pits made it a very close race, so close that trying to call it even on the last lap was difficult.

It is an absolute must-watch race, whether you have seen it or not or don’t remember it.

But first, why not take a crack at today’s F1 quiz, where you need to name the 20 drivers who finished the race.

Yes, 20 drivers is a lot to name. But it wasn’t that long ago, and some of the drivers are still about in the paddock to this day, so we back you to figure them out!

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For now, good luck on this quiz!