Guess the Grid: Lewis Hamilton’s first race in Formula 1

Sam Cooper
Lewis Hamilton and Ron Dennis. McLaren 2007

Lewis Hamilton and Ron Dennis walk through a paddock during the 2007 season.

Lewis Hamilton has raced in more than 300 F1 races in his career but we are asking you to think back to his very first outing.

Come the start of the Japanese Grand Prix in 2022, Hamilton will pull alongside Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher for fourth-most starts in Formula 1.

The Italian Grand Prix was his 304th race in the sport and of those races, he has won a staggering 103 times, giving him a win percentage of 33.88%.

Hamilton’s legacy in the sport is secured but we want to know how much you remember about his very first race in F1.

Racing for McLaren, Hamilton joined the grid at the age of 22 and would go on to produce one of the finest rookie seasons in the sport’s history, finishing just one point shy of the eventual World Champion.

His first outing came in Australia and he achieved his first podium at the first time of asking with a third-place finish. But that is the only clue you are getting from us as we ask you to name all 21 drivers who started the race that day.

To make things a little easier, we are only asking for the surname of each driver but you will have to correctly guess their finishing position. There is no time limit but if you manage to finish before Hamilton’s qualifying time of 1:26.755 then we will be seriously impressed.

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But for now, we’re going back to 2007 and to Hamilton’s very first race. Good luck!