Pit Chat: Can you pass the salt, Ferrari?

Pit Chat: Pass the salt, Ferrari

Pit Chat: Pass the salt, Ferrari

Ferrari’s bitterness shines through in Singapore, while the Bernie Ecclestone era continues to live on.

It’s time to look at the best bits of the Singapore Grand Prix with Pit Chat, but first…

Sleepless in Singapore

When the Singapore Grand Prix comes around, it is Pit Chat tradition to start off by reminding you of an absolute classic of a YouTube clip, where one poor soul got a whole lot more than he bargained for…

Time to say goodbye

Kimi Raikkonen is leaving Ferrari at the end of the season and has a two-year deal with Sauber. The information within that sentence still hasn’t fully sunk in yet.

The media wanted answers, a deeper insight into the decision-making process. Were we going to get that? Absolutely not.

He didn’t finish there…

Anything else anyone wants to ask?

Reporter: Kimi, why Sauber?

Raikkonen: Why not?

And the sign-off from Kimi after answering these questions was perfect.

Reporter: Thanks for the insight, Kimi.

Kimi: No worries.

Judging by these pics, Kimi’s son, Robin, is well on the way to following in his footsteps.

And it seems those Formula 1 genes run even deeper…

There were plenty of hot takes on the Raikkonen to Sauber news, including from ex-F1 driver turned Five Live reporter Jolyon Palmer, who definitely didn’t continue to take up a seat on the grid by consistently underperforming.

One thing the news did bring was another opportunity to look through some of Raikkonen’s best bits at Ferrari. Oh go on then, one more watch can’t hurt.

The Bernie era lives on

Prior to the weekend’s action, we got our first proper glimpse of what the 2021 cars may look like via three concepts unveiled by Formula 1.

Just remember to take the old logo off the images before publishing next time…

We can hear Bernie cackling from here.

But it would have been assuring to hear that one of the top drivers liked what they saw from 2021 concept.

Nope, wait a second…

Are we nearly there yet?

Whilst we are in amongst negative vibes, it appears some have already reached breaking point with six races still to go.

Someone at Motorsport.com really hated the unrepresentative conditions of FP1 in Singapore…

And talk about the BBC’s commentary coverage escalating quickly…

Sorry you’re leaving

Let’s spare a moment for poor Stoffel Vandoorne, shall we? Axed by McLaren, not on any other team’s radar for 2019 and is now unable to leave with any dignity thanks to Pierre Gasly.

Speaking of departing drivers, we’re going to miss the dynamic duo of Ricciardo and Verstappen at Red Bull.

Dr Helmut Marko has said Ricciardo will be excluded from all meetings about 2019 now that he is off to Renault. He didn’t tell us that he made Ricciardo become a chauffeur as well…

It’s good to see they are still spending some quality time together, though.

Ice, ice baby

With very hot and humid conditions to work under, there was plenty of ice bath-related content which turned into a who had the best ice bath competition.

Ice Man by name…

Carlos Sainz went one better by introducing a rubber duckie…

But anything Carlos can do…

Pass the salt

Oh Ferrari, what are we going to do with you? This World Championship was yours for the taking and you are letting it slip away.

Not only are the pit wall not getting it right, neither are the PR department. There are certain ways to react to a defeat, this is not one of them…

Pit Chat: Pass the salt, Ferrari

Perhaps it wouldn’t have been boring if you had found a better gap for Sebastian Vettel to pit and also put him on the right tyres as well. Just a thought…

If you’re interested in joining the Twitter team…

If they do want a lesson in grace and professionalism, then Force India can show them what to do when they get it wrong.

Any other business

Sky Sports’ Ted Kravitz provides an emphatic response to the question: Can you cook an egg on an F1 tyre?

Was the Singapore Grand Prix weekend really that boring to lead to content like this? No, don’t answer that actually.

Moving swiftly on, we’re still not completely sure who on earth Max Verstappen could be referring to here. Any ideas?

Lewis Hamilton and Formula 1 still have some way to go it seems to achieve global recognition…

Fernando Alonso inadvertently describes his whole Formula 1 career when reflecting on his 2017 Singapore Grand Prix in McLaren’s race preview…

While the McLaren-Honda partnership still lives on in some (broken) hearts.

Meanwhile, there was a clear winner in Motorsport Week’s caption competition…

And Lawrence Stroll is not throwing absolutely all his money at Force India. Not when a perfectly good sticker can hide an old Kingfisher logo.

Last word

Is there a better gif that can perfectly sum up how the 2018 season is probably going to play out? We don’t think so.

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