’90 per cent’ chance Spanish GP will remain

Finley Crebolder
Valtteri Bottas Formula 1 Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Formula 1 announces new TV deal in Spain.

There is an extremely high chance that the Spanish Grand Prix will remain on the calendar next season, according to president of Circuit de Catalunya, Vicenc Aguilera.

It has been heavily rumoured that the race will be replaced by a Dutch Grand Prix for 2020 but Aguilera is confident this will not be the case.

“If it’s a clear game of ‘go/no-go’ I think today we are even more than 90 [percent],” he said to RaceFans.net.

“We should be able to reach an agreement before the peak of the summer.

“I don’t know if it will be July but I expect an agreement on these dates. We are preparing everything to have that.”

Aguilera added that he and his colleagues are in negotiations with both Liberty and shareholders, with finances being the main stumbling block.

He added: “We have two discussions: internal discussions with my shareholders and the discussions with Liberty. There are two levels of discussions and we need to find a way to put everything in the right position to match the expectations of our government, our shareholders and the expectations of Liberty to make visible a new contract.

“[It] is not fixed if it should be two, three or four years. This is not a big issue, of course a big issue is economics. We are willing to have the grands prix for the next years. We are trying our best and we will keep pushing.”

Nevertheless, with no competition from other tracks in the area, he’s optimistic.

“Internally we have no competition. Also, Portugal says ‘we are here’ but not consistently,” he said.

“If we are killed, we will be killed in the last minute and I should keep the optimism for everybody: for us, for my shareholders, for the central government, for everyone.”

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