‘2017 overhaul could entice Newey back’


Adrian Newey could be persuaded to return to F1 full time should radical changes take place in 2017, that's according to Christian Horner.

As of this season the technical guru will be taking on a lesser role at Red Bull Racing and instead focusing his attention of the America's Cup.

Newey has often stated that it is his frustration over the sport's regulations that have led to him making this decision.

However, in 2017 Formula 1 could undergo a massive overhaul.

Part of the plan includes more creative freedom which Horner says could persuade the design guru to return to F1 full time.

He told Autosport: "Who knows? It is some way down the road, but he is still very motivated – you can see that.

"So if the regulations change and become a little bit more open, and more enticing, then perhaps that will whet his appetite to get further involved.

"He is at a stage in his career and life where he is enjoying the prospect of a couple of new challenges as well.

"But at heart he is still a racer, very passionate about F1, and still extremely competitive."