‘2017 won’t be another learning year,’ says Verstappen

Date published: January 4 2017 - Editor

Ahead of the 2017 season, racing prodigy Max Verstappen says his third year in Formula 1 won’t be another learning year for him.

At the tender age of 19-years-old, Verstappen is already a Grand Prix champion after he became the sport’s youngster race winner in history when he won the Spanish Grand Prix.

Spending two promising years at Toro Rosso and Red Bull, the Dutchman feels he is one of the more established figures on the track.

"I don't think you can talk of a learning year in 2017; after two seasons in Formula 1, you can't say you are still learning," said Verstappen.

"It's not that I'm now raising the bar for myself, it's just different.

"You build on experiences rather than just your feeling."

However, Red Bull boss Christian Horner reckons that Verstappen can still improve, even if he did an outstanding job 2016.

"Any sportsman can always improve in all areas, and he's gaining experience all the time," said Horner,.

"As he gains that experience it holds him in better stead for the upcoming years… there are always areas that you can improve and it's working on those marginal returns."