30-second penalties for Perez and Hartley


Sergio Perez and Brendon Hartley have both been slapped with 30-second penalties after an incident during the formation lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

 Perez overtook Hartley on the formation lap and failed to let the New Zealander through again before the Safety Car line and, after the reviewing the footage after the race, the Mexican has been suitably punished.

A statement read: “Car 11 overtook car 28 before turn 1 and then during the remainder of the formation lap made no noticeable effort to allow car 28 to regain his position.

"The driver of car 11 also admitted the driver of car 28 was not unduly delayed when leaving the grid to start the formation lap.”

Perez was initially given a 10-second timed penalty, but because this was not served in the race it was converted to a 30-second timed penalty after the race instead.

Hartley was also hit with the same penalty for not re-passing Perez, meaning Perez and Hartley now finish P14 and P15 respectively.