A thought or two…

Date published: November 22 2016 - Editor

Brazil’s red flags appealed to our “shorter attention spans” while Mercedes have “created” the showdown.

Red flags bring in the fans
Looking for ways to entice the instant-gratification-generation with their short attention spans, Bernie Ecclestone has proposed two 40-minute races.

The average series episode is 41 minutes and that Ecclestone reckons should also be the duration of a F1 grand prix.

“People have a much shorter attention span and a lot of sports are looking at introducing shorter forms of their games,” said the 86-year-old.

“We need to look at the traditional concept of one long race.

“Two 40-minute races with a 40-minute break in the middle when the drivers could be interviewed, cars worked on, would be attractive to viewers, the TV companies, the sponsors and advertisers would love it.”

And what from the Brazilian GP makes him so sure this will work?

Was it the small insignificant fact that a title was on the line? Or the pouring rain that without fail makes the racing more exciting?

Nope, it was the two 30-minute red flag breaks.

“The television audiences went up for Brazil,” Bernie explained. “We had a long race with the heavy rain and a couple of crashes but that meant we had two starts because of the red flags and people tuned in.”


A slip of the tongue?
Just when you had begun to believe that it was a fair fight at Mercedes and that Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton genuinely raced to a title-deciding finale, Paddy Lowe has let it slip that it was “created” by Mercedes.

“The best seasons are the ones where it goes down to the wire at the final race, and we’ve created that again,” the Mercedes tech chief told Motorsport.com.

“They are both deserving champions, so we’ll see what comes.”

He may be as “confident as I can be that that [a normal, reliable weekend] will give each driver a fair chance at the championship” but fans are still in doubt.

Wonder why!