Abiteboul admits to tension at Renault camp


Returning to Formula 1 this season after taking over Lotus, Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul has admitted that there is tension in the team garage, calling for clear leadership to guide them.

The French manufacturers’ were expected to be completive this season, but after only accumulating seven points thus far with six races remaining, internal conflict has arisen.

When quizzed about the tension by Autosport, the Frenchman revealed that although there are problems, it is definitely manageable, as we’ve seen in past seasons.

“Look at Red Bull, there was lots of tension last year, and ask Mercedes when they were not performing – there was also tension – so of course we have tension,” he said.

“I’m not shocked by the situation we are going through right now, and absolutely I can handle the tension.

“If people are not prepared to handle or live through that tension then they shouldn’t be in Formula 1.”

He also went onto add that team is clearly lacking leadership, with Renault President Jerome Stoll, team principal Fred Vasseur and himself all making the executive decisions.

“The one thing the team needs is not money, investment or people, but leadership – very clear leadership,” said Abiteboul.

“That’s what Jerome, Frederic and myself have to provide to the team – clear and overall leadership of where we want to go, and that is what we are in the process of clarifying for everyone’s benefit.”