Abiteboul: No ‘frustrated’ Alonso at Renault


Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul has reiterated Fernando Alonso will not be joining the team as 2018 is too soon for them to be competing for World Championships.

The options are drying up for the Spaniard next year, with McLaren seemingly in a difficult position of having to choose between Alonso or Honda as the relationship stooped to new lows at Spa.

A return to Renault has been one of the more romantic rumours throughout the course of this season, but Abiteboul said they will not be able to offer what Alonso wants at this stage of his career.

"My answer on Fernando will always be the same," Abiteboul said to Motorsport.com.

"First, he is part of a great team which I think is in the middle of a number of strategy considerations.

"Secondly, I think he has to obviously look at his timing, and look at other teams' timing. Things have to be compatible, so that it can be a successful association, and not just because it has been a successful association in the past.

"It's the future that we're worried about. He has his dynamic, I think he has urgency to be in a position to be fighting for championships again.

"We know that it's going to take us a bit of time to have a car that can offer that, so clearly the one thing that I would not want is to have a frustrated Fernando in a Renault car, that's for sure."