Abiteboul regrets unchanged four-engine rule

Date published: May 22 2015 - Editor

Renault's F1 chief Cyril Abiteboul has spoken of his regret after the Strategy Group voted against a fifth engine.

With Daniel Ricciardo already onto his fourth and final engine for this season before he begins to incur penalties, Renault's lack of reliability is once again at the fore.

The French manufacturer was on the verge of being handed a temporary lifeline when a proposal to run a fifth engine without penalty was put on the table.

The Strategy Group, though, voted against it.

Abiteboul said: "Obviously I regret it, because that's something that would have facilitated a bit the situation of our two customer teams given the different reliability issues we've had so far this season.

"Having said that, we knew the rules, it's four engines for everyone, so that's what we have to comply with."

In fact, his only real complaint was the "huge penalty" that comes along with running a fifth engine.

"I know there is a lot of frustration but ten places penalty – maybe I should not say that because maybe the FIA will make it worse in the future – but ten places penalty in tracks when you can overtake, assuming you have the power, the right set-up and so on, basically a car that out of place at the start can quite easily make it during the race, which are long races.

"So, I'm sorry for my customer teams but I don't think it's a big game changer to the championship."