Agag sceptical of Ferrari’s quit threat


Formula E boss Alejandro Agag has labelled Ferrari's quit threat as a mere "negotiation tactic" and does not believe any branch of the Fiat company is heading to the all-electric series any time soon.

Ferrari are unhappy with the initial vision released by the FIA and Liberty Media about where Formula 1 should be heading in 2021 and beyond, and have threatened to quit the sport altogether if the regulations are not to their liking.

This is not the first time the Scuderia have threatened to throw in the towel, but Agag feels this is Ferrari once again creating some leverage in future negotiations.

"I think it does this [quit threat] probably in this moment to get a better negotiating position with F1," Agag told ESPN.

"I guess they are going to have a negotiation soon about the new contract. So that is probably more a tactical move than a real move."

Agag has ruled out Ferrari, or any other company under the Fiat branch in fact, from joining Formula E in the near future but does think it will eventually happen.

"I haven't had any direct discussions with Sergio Marchionne or Ferrari, and Fiat is a group that has not done so much on electric," he added.

"I think they will eventually, but I think it will take time for them. Of course we would love to have them, but I don't see this happening soon."