Alonso: 18-plus solution to tear-off rule


Fernando Alonso has joked about needing to find an “18-plus” solution to Formula 1’s new rule regarding the discarding of visor tear-offs.

As of this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, drivers are no longer permitted to throw their visor tear-offs away.

Instead, they will have to keep the used tear-offs in the cockpit in order to prevent them getting stuck in brake ducts.

However Alonso isn’t saying where in his cockpit they will be kept.

“Let’s say it’s a strange rule, because we never had this kind of rule, but it’s also not a problem to keep the tear-offs inside the cockpit, so it’s OK,” the McLaren driver said ahead of the Monaco GP weekend.

“We have different solutions that we will find tomorrow. We keep trying, we tried a couple, and tomorrow we will find a place. Some of these places I cannot tell now, because it’s a ’18-plus’ thing!”

The Spaniard, though, does have another solution and one a whole lot more PG rated.

He explained: “I think we will have to do it in the pitlane, to be honest. When we do the pitstop, this ten seconds when we are at 60km/h is the perfect opportunity to do all these things.”