Alonso: Another reason for cockpit protection


After Jenson Button’s lucky escape as a drain cover hurtled toward him in practice in Monaco, Fernando Alonso says it is “another reason” for F1 to introduce cockpit protection.

As the drivers put in the laps in Thursday’s opening practice in Monte Carlo, Nico Rosberg dislodged a drain cover that went flying into the air.

With Button behind him on the track, the Brit had little time to react as it hurtled toward him, destroying the right side of his front wing.

The Brit admitted he was “lucky that the drain cover stayed quite low on the ground.”

Alonso feels his team-mate’s near miss is yet another sign that Formula 1 should press on with plans to introduce cockpit protection.

At present the sport’s powers-that-be are debating between the canopy that Red Bull ran in Russia or the halo design that Ferrari trialed in pre-season testing.

“It’s never acceptable when there is an incident like this,” Alonso told

“It’s something that we didn’t take care of enough before practice in terms of circuit checks, in terms of the FIA, and everyone has to go into the details to make sure everything is safe to run.”

He added: “This is another reason to come back to the canopy idea.

“Let’s make sure that between all of us, between the sport in general, we minimise the risks that are always there.”