Alonso: Cockpit protection a must for F1

Date published: April 30 2016 - Editor

As Red Bull debuted their aeroscreen at Sochi, Fernando Alonso says cockpit protection is the right path for F1 to take as the sport does "not need heroes."

Red Bull's aeroscreen and Ferrari's halo have caused a divide amongst drivers and fans alike.

While some believe it the correct route for F1, others feel that element of danger belongs in the sport.

Alonso disagrees with the latter.

"I think it's a must for safety, we do not need heroes in this sport right now," the McLaren driver told

"We saw many incidents and occasions in the last couple of years; probably all the deaths we had in F1 and other categories came from head injuries.

"We don't anyone getting hurt in the future if there's a solution in place. It seems like there can be a solution, so let's introduce it."

As for whether he's in favour of the halo or the aeroscreen, the Spaniard admits he would still like to see a few others options but that ultimately the decision will rest with the FIA.

"We need to trust the FIA's decision. They have all the information about which one is better, more comfortable, safer – there are many factors we are not in control of.

"Looking from the outside, probably the Red Bull solution looks a little bit better from an aesthetic point of view, but the FIA will decide the best one.

"I hope there are more options [for cockpit protection] coming because it's very early days and the important thing is to find the best solution. It's a ‘must' that will come from next year, hopefully."