Alonso reiterates concern exiting with Halo attached


Questions about the Halo device were raised once again after onlookers watched Kevin Magnussen exit his car when it caught on fire, with queries about how long it would have taken had the cockpit protection concept been attached.

During FP1 of the Malaysian Grand Prix, Magnussen's RS16 caught on fire due to a fuel duct problem, the Dane quickly jumped out the car with no issues.

However, McLaren driver Fernando Alonso, who previously raised the concern before, suggested that the Halo device be removable to aid a driver’s escape from the cockpit.

"When I tried the halo in Singapore, one of the things I noticed was getting out of the car is a little bit uncomfortable, where you have to put the feet and where you have to jump," the Spaniard explained.

"For this reason they have delayed its introduction just to make sure we cover all of the possibilities.

"Maybe there is a way of making the halo somehow removable in a way we can jump out of the car a little bit quicker."