Alonso defends Max’s driving at Spa


As Max Verstappen continues to come under fire from the Ferrari drivers, Fernando Alonso insists there was nothing wrong with his driving in Belgium.

Raikkonen was frustrated with Verstappen’s defending last Sunday as the Red Bull blocked at speed down the Kemmel Straight.

The Finn later warned that Verstappen is courting a “massive accident”, a sentiment echoed by his team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

Alonso, though, says blocking on the straights is perfect legitimate.

“I think there is a rule that you cannot move in the braking zones, or you cannot move when a car is not alongside you,” he said.

“So there is one movement allowed and as long as you are still in front of the car behind.

“I don’t think Kimi was side-by-side and Max moved and put him on the grass.

“It was very late and maybe he didn’t judge where Kimi was, but Kimi was still behind.

“The rule, as written, is still good.”

However, Verstappen hasn’t always got it right in Alonso’s eye, citing the Dutchman’s battle with Raikkonen in Hungary.

“Max and Kimi in Hungary where I felt Max was moving under braking a lot into Turn 2, and he was way too aggressive.

“We spoke about it in Germany in the drivers’ briefing.

“All the drivers were not happy with Max in Hungary because it was under braking at Turn 2.

“But in the middle of the straight you are allowed to do one move as long as the other car is alongside you. So everything fits with the incident in Spa.”

As for Formula 1’s reigning World Champion, Lewis Hamilton says Verstappen has a lot of promise but is still learning his craft.

“He’s a quick, fast driver. He’s learning. He’s young – only 18 years old. Most of us when we were 18 years old were doing some silly s**t, I’m pretty sure,” he said.

“This guy has a GP win under his belt and is an exceptional driver. That’s all I see.”