Alonso ‘gives up’ on rule changes


Fernando Alonso has voiced his displeasure over F1’s latest round of rules changes after the FIA agreed to ease the radio ban and did a U-turn on track limits.

In the build-up to this weekend’s German Grand Prix, the FIA announced that stewards would “adopt a more liberal approach” to the radio communication ban.

The statement continued saying that “this approach is aimed at providing improved content for fans and spectators”, even though when the ban came into effect its approach was also to improve the show for fans while also forcing drivers to drive the cars unaided.

Added to that the FIA stated that they would ease up on track limits at the Hockenheimring, only to do a U-turn less than 24 hours later by imposing a three strike rule.

The constant changes are frustrating for both fans and drivers alike.

“I don’t care. I give up,” Alonso told

“They can tell us what we need to do in every race. We know things change from race to race and now we are back to the rules we had about a year ago, more or less.

“I think at Spa it was when they got tough in terms of radio and so on, and it looked as if the championship and the races were going to be super spectacular, and nothing has changed.

“It’s even worse, so we are going back.

“The same with the track limits. There were track limits, then this morning there weren’t track limits, now it seems there’s three strikes…

“So tomorrow when I go out during qualifying I’ll ask them what I have to do and I’ll try to not waste any more time.”