Alonso: Hamilton’s fourth is more logical


Fernando Alonso reckons Lewis Hamilton matching Sebastian Vettel on four World titles makes for “much more logic” in F1.

The Mercedes driver could wrap up his fourth World title at Sunday’s United States GP, he just needs to win and have Vettel finish sixth or lower.

But whether this weekend or later this season, Alonso says it feels right that Hamilton should match Vettel’s tally of four.

While this season is shaping up to be a story about what could have been Vettel, it also that for Alonso who left Ferrari for McLaren, handing his seat to the German racer.

Asked by Channel 4 whether it ‘hurt’ not to be involved in the title fight, the Spaniard said: “No, not really.

“You don’t have any special feelings when you are not fighting.

“I think when I was fighting for the championship you see Sebastian winning, maybe it is hurting sometimes because maybe you feel that you deserve it more or you had this possibility here and there.

“When you are not in contention I think it is not big thing. It’s not your battle.

“In a way I am happy that Lewis gets this fourth title. It’s strange to see four Vettel and three for Hamilton, now there is much more logic.”

Asked if he felt Hamilton was the better driver, Alonso replied: “I think Lewis has had a better racing career.”