Alonso ‘intends to be loyal’ to McLaren


Fernando Alonso is willing to give McLaren "a chance" to resolve their engine situation for the seasons to come.

As we head into a third day of waiting for McLaren to announce what is expected to be a split from Honda after three years and a switch to Renault, Alonso appears to be confident he can stay with the team and, more importantly, stay in Formula 1.

"They have to make their decision before I do mine and I intend to be loyal to the team, " Alonso said on Spanish TV show El Hormiguero, then translated by Marca. "We have to wait to see how the situation develops.

"When they clear up and know the chassis and engine package they are going to have, I will make a decision.

"I will give them a chance, because we have spent very hard times together, I feel part of the team and I think they deserve it.

"Three years of not being competitive are the limit for a team like McLaren, one of the best in F1 history. I'm very optimistic."

McLaren are due to confirm their intentions before the end of the week.