Alonso: It could go either way with the new rules


McLaren-Honda driver Fernando Alonso explained that some teams may interpret the new regulation changes differently to others.

The new rules will see cars post much faster lap times due to the aerodynamic changes that were implemented.

The Spaniard said that while teams will try and get the better of each other, some franchises will  have to think differently, which could be a good or bad strategy depending on how well they adapt to the new rules.

“When there are new rules you can be lucky or unlucky,” the double World Champion told Autosport.

“It depends on how every team interprets the rules, how the philosophy of the car goes.

“Maybe you choose to go right and someone in the paddock chooses to go left and you find in race four or five that your package aerodynamically goes to the left because you started wrongly.

“Hopefully we are one of those who does the job from the beginning.”