Alonso: ‘His driving? It’s 19-1 against Magnussen’


Fernando Alonso believes the rest of the grid are in agreement about Kevin Magnussen’s driving ability after the duo made contact during the race in Malaysia.

With the aid of DRS, Alonso shot up the inside of Magnussen at Turn 1 on lap 33 and looked to have got the better of the Dane.

However, Magnussen came back at him at Turn 2 before Alonso finally held on for what was P13 on track, but not without making contact.

Alonso labelled Magnussen “an idiot” for his aggressive response and added on team radio that “Hulkenberg was right”, referencing the Renault driver calling him “an ***hole” as Magnussen told him to “suck my b*lls”.

But Alonso wasn’t finished there…

“For his driving, we more or less agree with the other drivers, it’s 19-1,” added Alonso after the race.

Alonso was also involved in a little incident with Vettel, who was ready to lap the Spaniard and thought “he was better than that” when not moving over as easily as he should have.

I didn’t see on television,” Alonso claimed.

“For me in the car it looks okay, but we’ve heard many times, ‘blue flags, blue flags’, from him, so it’s probably one of those.”