Alonso keen on tyre flexibility


Giving drivers the freedom to select their tyre options for a grand prix could add more excitement to the sport, according to Fernando Alonso.

Formula 1 is always looking for ways to liven things up and Force India recently suggested drivers and teams be allowed to decide which two compounds they use at different races.

Double World Champion Alonso admits he would be in favour of such a move.

"I think if we had a limited number of sets for the whole season, maybe 20 prime, 20 medium, 20 soft and 20 supersoft, you choose yourself which tyres to bring to each grand prix," the McLaren driver is quoted as saying by

"Maybe there are some circuits that you are not in the same area as your competitors – maybe you risk more, or you risk less. I think it could work."

Having a bit more freedom to select tyres won't be something completely new for teams as less than a decade ago Formula 1 had two tyre suppliers with Bridgestone and Michelin while in the 80s there were up to four different suppliers.

"This is not new: with Michelin tyres, I think we all had different compounds," Alonso added. "McLaren had its own compounds, Renault had its own compounds – maybe softer at the front, stiffer at the front, different weight distribution.

"Now we have same camber limitation, same weight distribution limitation, same tyre limitation. It is the way it is right now."