Alonso: Merc will be 1-2 no matter what


Fernando Alonso says Mercedes will finish “first and second in the championship” whether they use team orders or not.

Ahead of the British Grand Prix, Mercedes declared that Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, who are separated by 11 points in the German’s favour in the standings, remain free to race.

The duo are on their final warning and could lose their chance of fighting for the World title if they transgress.

And while Alonso says it is good for Formula 1 that Mercedes have decided against team orders, he reckons Rosberg and Hamilton will finish 1-2 in the this year’s title race no matter what.

“It’s something that is probably up to them, and only they know what is the situation inside the team,” the McLaren driver told

“From the outside definitely they have enough advantage to do whatever they want, they will finish the championship first or second whatever they do.

“At the moment they are racing, I read that they will keep racing free, that’s good probably for the fans, for everyone, because the sport is about competition. If one day they need to police this, probably it’s also normal.

“At the end of the day there is one team principal, there is one owner, there is one president of a car company, that they want to see both cars on the podium, not both cars on the gravel.

“It’s something that as I said from the outside is not a big thing, or even on the inside is a big thing, because they will finish first and second in the championship anyway.”

The double World Champion added that it is “normal” for the teammates to be battling, and occasionally clashing, especially as most of the time they are so far ahead of the chasing pack that they are only racing one another.

“It’s something that will happen. They crashed in 2014 in Spa, and this has been going on and on, in Austin last year, in Suzuka, and some races, this year it’s Austria, maybe it’s Austin again in 10 races time. They’ve been three times World Champion [including 2016].

“Nothing will change, it’s normal. They are close, they don’t have battles with Red Bull, because they are 30 seconds ahead, they don’t have battles with Ferrari, because they are one minute ahead, they have battles with their teammate.

“Sometimes they crash, in 50 races they crash three times, it’s normal.”