Alonso: No time for coffee in new F1 cars


Fernando Alonso has welcomed the new aerodynamic regulations and believes they are more in line with how Formula 1 racing should be.

The Spaniard was forced to retire in Australia after spending much of the race defying expectation in the MCL32 by running in the top 10.

But, despite his disappointment about how his race finished, Alonso was happy with how it felt to drive a 2017 car and that the biggest difference could be felt through the corners.

“When you lose the car a little bit on the rear end especially, it’s difficult to recover because you are fast on the corners,” said Alonso, who is priced at 1000/1 in the Drivers Championship.

“So you have half a tenth of a second to react. Last year you had four seconds – in the corner you could take a coffee in those cars!

“Definitely you are in a different category and are more in the direction of F1. I’m happy that an F1 car goes faster in the corners than a GP2 or a Japanese [Super] Formula, many other categories that were faster than F1 in the corners.”

Australia did little to ease concerns about the lack of overtaking and races being won in the pit lane, but Alonso feels the new regulations are a step in the right direction.

“The cars are much more fun to drive, the cornering speed is back to what an F1 car should be,” he added.

“I think the fans will love that feeling of watching the cars from the grandstand going to that speed into the corner.

“Also on television I think they look better. I think we’re still missing the sound of F1 that was part of the DNA of the sport, but I guess that will not come any more.

“I think we’re in a good position for the sport, and I think we have good years in front of us in terms of show and in terms of excitement, driving these cars.

“I read that maybe the DRS zone will be reconsidered after the first couple of races, so everyone is working in the same direction of making F1 spectacular again. I think we are in that direction – I’m happy.”