Alonso: Real IndyCars will be more difficult


Ahead of his first IndyCar test, Fernando Alonso admits it will be “very different” to his “easy” simulator run where he never had to lift in the corners.

May 3rd marks the date for Alonso’s first IndyCar outing as the double F1 World Champion prepares to compete in the 101st Indianapolis 500.

The McLaren driver has already had a small taste of IndyCars after spending time in Honda’s simulator.

However, it Wednesday’s run at the Motor Speedway will be the true test.

“Everything is different there,” Alonso said of IndyCar.

“It was quite an intense weekend [at Barber], then from there I flew to Indianapolis for a seat fitting with the team to go through some of the stuff on preparation for the race.

“On the Tuesday I was into the simulator in the morning just for three or four hours, also to have the first touch on those cars, on the ovals.

“Of course the real car will be very different, because in the simulator it is easy to go 370km/h [230mph] and not lift in the corners because nothing will happen.

“I think the real car will be a little bit more difficult, but at least I had the possibility to see the car to see the efforts that you need to do in the corners.”

He added: “I remain very open until I test the car, I don’t know exactly how tough will be the challenge to drive those cars.”