Alonso: Red Bull problems aren’t on us


Fernando Alonso says it is not on McLaren or Honda to solve Red Bull's on-going engine woes.

The four-time World Champions have yet to secure a power unit for next season after dropping Renault.

Rejected by Mercedes and with Ferrari only offering a one-year old engine, Red Bull have turned to Honda to solve their troubles.

McLaren, however, have reportedly put paid to that with the Woking team vetoing any deal with their engine partner.

"I don't think that McLaren or Honda should be in the middle of this," Alonso told Autosport.

"It's a Red Bull issue that they found themselves in that situation.

"Apparently they don't want this year's Ferrari engine for next year, so probably they don't want this year's Honda engine for next year.

"It's their problem. It's not our problem."

The double World Champion added that it would be "unfair" to McLaren given this year's troubles to allow another team to use the Honda engine and benefit from their hard work.

"We are happy as a team with the work we've done and the start of this new project, the comeback of the McLaren-Honda partnership.

"We help each other a lot, McLaren helps Honda a lot, Honda helps McLaren a lot.

"In tough moments the team has been very united, and even if sometimes there have been rumours here or there that there are some tensions – of course when we are last or out in Q1 – there has been very little tension, compared to what it could be.

"I'm very proud of our work this year and how the interaction of the two companies and the two cultures has been much better than anyone could imagine.

"Now to give engines to another team, and all the knowledge that we put together, would be a little bit unfair [on McLaren] maybe."