Alonso: Schumi’s records will stand


Fernando Alonso says Michael Schumacher’s records will be “very difficult” to beat, especially his five-year title-winning run…

Fernando Alonso says Michael Schumacher’s records will stand for many years to come as it will be “very difficult” to mimic his five-year title-winning run.

Speaking ahead of the Hungarian GP, journalists pointed out to the Spaniard, who is celebrating his 30th birthday this weekend, that his records at this age are not far off from what Schumacher had achieved.

While the German at age 30 had two World titles, 33 race wins and 20 pole positions, Alonso is currently sitting on two World titles, 27 wins and 20 pole positions.

But while Schumacher went on to record a further five titles, 58 race wins and 48 pole positions, Alonso says matching the German’s feats won’t be easy.

“I never thought I would have two World Championships at 30 to be honest because I know how difficult is it to win in Formula One, how difficult it is to succeed in this sport,” said Alonso.

“I am extremely lucky to have all the wins I have now, and I am not thinking at the moment of winning seven World titles as him when I am 42, 43, however old he is.

“These days F1 is so competitive, so close. It is very difficult to see a dominant period as Ferrari had with Michael, so seven will be a record that will stay for many, many years.”

As for whether a third World title awaits him, Alonso admits he’s had some good chances in the past and hopes to have another in the near future.

“I had the possibility in 2007 (with McLaren) and missed out by one point,” he said. “I also had the possibility last year, but just missed out in the final race in Abu Dhabi.

“So to go into the last race fighting for the Championship on four occasions, winning two, losing two, I think it is fair. If it was 3-1 (against) then maybe that is not fair.

“If there is hopefully a fifth time one day that I am fighting for the Championship, then we will see if I can win it.”