Alonso set to remain in hospital


Fernando Alonso's manager, Luis Garcia Abad, has again reassured fans that the Spaniard is fine after his crash, but admits they are not sure when he will be discharged from hospital.

The two-time World Champion is recovering in a Barcelona hospital after he picked up a concussion during a shunt on the final day of the second pre-season test at the Circuit de Catalunya on Sunday.

McLaren have confirmed that the 33-year-old has been given the all-clear following CT scans and MRI scans, but Abad says he will stay in hospital until he is fully recovered.

"I do not know how long Fernando will remain in hospital. We are not in a hurry [to get him discharged]. I do not know if he will be here for one, two or three days. He will remain here until the medical team decides he can leave and continue his life as normal," Abad told journalists outside the hospital.

"Fernando is very good, very optimistic and we are already struggling to contain him."

He added: "We'll see what the doctors say, but right now the important thing is not winning the test in Barcelona in February, but for him to be able to fight for the Championship until the month of November."

A lot of confusion has surrounded the events before and after the accident with many claiming Alonso lost consciousness, but Abad insists that is not the case.

"After touching the he wall he was braking and changing gears, which cannot be done if one is not fully conscious," he said.