Alonso strongly denies ‘wasted talent’ claim


Fernando Alonso has stated he is "super happy" with his Formula 1 career and does not consider himself a "wasted talent" at McLaren.

The double World Champion has yet to finish a race so far this season and is being allowed to go to Indianpolis 500 due in part to the fact that McLaren are struggling to provide a competitive car.

However, Alonso does not believe he has become a failure in the sport and is very comfortable with the career that he has forged.

"I saw some covers of magazines today – 'wasted talent'," said Alonso, who was a late arrival in Sochi as he continued his preparations for the Indy 500 in between grands prix.

"I'm super happy with my career. I was always in a competitive car, thank god, and I had the opportunity to reach things [others haven't].

"There are many talented drivers here who have never been on the podium. We will see what the future brings but at the minute I'm quite happy with what I did and what I am today."

Alonso also insisted that joining McLaren was a good decision despite their ongoing reliability problems.

He added: "At least in the years that I had a [Ferrari] contract, 2015 and 2016, I still think I took a good decision to come in McLaren. I learnt many things. I worked with some of the best engineers I ever worked with.

"And there [at Ferrari] it arrived the time that it was too stressful not to keep winning, When you are in your first, second, third year it's okay, when you're in your seventh, eighth year it's very difficult.

"So the quality of life improved in the last two years despite the results.

"Now they are winning, like Mercedes is winning, but it doesn't take [away] what I did in the past. When I left Renault [people said] 'you should never have left Renault in 2006'. They never won anymore times."