Alonso takes Hamilton’s side on radio ban


Following Lewis Hamilton’s struggles with pit-to-car radio messages during the European Grand Prix, McLaren driver Fernando Alonso has agreed with his former teammate, saying it makes no sense.

Losing power because he was in the wrong setting, Hamilton asked Mercedes for help on the team radio but they were unable to give him any instructions as a result of the FIA’s new regulations.

Eventually the World Champion restored power to his car, although he had no idea how it happened.

Alonso agreed with Hamilton, saying that it is difficult for them to understand a complicated car such as the one they use for racing.

"From the beginning this rule was not making much sense," said the Spaniard.

"They give us a spaceship to drive, with the technology we have, and now we have no information available.

"Sometimes it’s difficult to know what is happening with the car, and what solution to do. Maybe in the future we can address this."

Alonso also added that his retirement was because of a gearbox issue and said that they were out of the points at the time so he won't lose any sleep.

"We had a developing issue on the gearbox," he confirmed.

"It was getting worse so we decided to stop to not damage anything in the power unit as well.

"We were out of the points, so it was a bit less painful this retirement."