Alonso thankful to be alive


Fernando Alonso says he feels “good” despite suffering a horror smash in Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix.

Trying to pass Esteban Gutierrez at Turn 3 at the Albert Park circuit, the double World Champion clipped the rear of the Haas car and went slamming into the wall.

Still carrying pace Alonso slid into the gravel trap with his McLaren flipping 720′.

Pieces of the shattered car were strewn all over the track while Alonso had to crawl out of his car which was resting on its side.

He was taken to the track’s medical centre where he was given the all-clear.

“I feel good,” Alonso told reporters at the track. “Obviously I’m trying to put everything in place again in my body. It was a big, big crash.

“I tried to take the slipstream of Gutierrez into the braking point, and it was a combination of factors that we ended up with a crash.

“I’m thankful for the safety of those cars and that I’m alive talking to you. This is the most important thing.”

The Spaniard refused to play the blame game, saying it was a racing incident that had disappointing consequences.

“I think it is a racing incident,” he said.

“We both tried to fight and obviously sometimes we forget we are at 300km/h and every little crash can become much bigger.

“This one was disappointing because we start the championship with zero points and damaged the power unit so we probably have to take the second one immediately.”

Alonso later shared more about his crash, revealing that he wasn’t sure where he was when the car came to a halt but quickly climbed out to reassure everyone that he was alive.

“You are not exactly aware where you are,” he explained to Autosport.

“You are just flying and then you see the sky, the ground, the sky, the ground and you don’t know.

“When I stopped I saw a little space to get out of the car and I went out quickly just to make sure that people at home were not too worried about me.

“Then I didn’t know where I was because I was so far from the track.

“I said ‘I’ve travelled a lot when I was flying!’.

“Everything [felt like it] happened slower than [it looked on] the outside.

“You want to stop and it doesn’t stop, it keeps going and going and going. It was quite scary.”