Alonso throws his support behind Halo


Fernando Alonso has backed the FIA’s decision to introduce Halo in 2018, saying he’ll take a horrible looking car if it “will save one life.”

Last week’s confirmation from the FIA that Halo will be raced in 2018 has been greeted with mixed reactions.

While some are against it, both for aesthetics and feeling that F1 should be completely open cockpit, others have come out in support of the cockpit protection design.

“I know that, from the aesthetic point of view, it’s a big impact, it’s a change, but I don’t want to have anymore fatal injuries,” Alonso told CNN’s The Circuit.

“I don’t want to have any more friends struggling after accidents like Jules (Bianchi) or Justin (Wilson). I want to make the most horrible (looking) car if it is safe and will save one life.”

The Spaniard, though, feels more testing is required.

“We need to test it at more circuits, with more different type of corners,” he added. “Maybe we have to test it in wet conditions so there is still some things we need to improve.”