Alonso ‘very open’ to more Indy 500 runs

Date published: April 24 2017

Fernando Alonso is "very open" to returning to the Indianapolis 500 in the future as he tries to fulfill his "need" to win the iconic race.

The double World Champion was at the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama over the weekend as he continued his preparations ahead of the Indy 500 race next month.

Alonso was asked what the future ultimately holds for him, but he wants to soak up every part of the experience first before coming to any definitive conclusions.

“Let’s take it day by day and see on May 29th – the Monday afterward – what is the situation, how much I enjoyed the experience, how competitive I felt, and if I had fun, which is the priority for me," Alonso said at a press conference.

“I do this because I love racing cars, I love driving the fastest cars, and the Indy 500 is the biggest race in the world so it’s very attractive to race it, enjoy it and to feel that unique experience.

"Everyone is telling me it will be a very unique atmosphere and a very intense day.

“So after that, whatever the result we will achieve on the Sunday, we will think together what is the future from that point.

“I’m very open. If I want to to be the most complete driver in the world or the best driver in the world, then I want to experience all the different cars and different driving techniques, and I need to adapt and grow up as a driver.

“And if I want to do that, I need to win it and if it’s not this year then we need to plan it for the next event.”