Alonso: Vettel deserves the title


Fernando Alonso may be intent on holding off Seb Vettel’s title party for at least one more race, however, he believes the German deserves the title…

Fernando Alonso may be intent on holding off Sebastian Vettel’s title party for at least one more race, however, he believes the German deserves this year’s title.

Alonso has finished on the podium at two out of three Singapore GPs, including two race victories. And this weekend the Ferrari driver believes he can continue that run.

“I have always managed to make the podium on the three previous visits and my objective is to make it four out of four,” he told Ferrari’s website.

“A third victory to go with those of 2008 and last year would clearly be fantastic, but I know that it will be very hard.

“At Monaco we certainly came very close to victory – without the final red flag I think I would have had an excellent chance to overtake Sebastian – but it’s also true that you can’t always guarantee that things go the same way.

“What is certain is that we will give everything: I think we have the chance to do well as long as we get the best out of every aspect: tyres, set-up, engine, teamwork. Everything has to be at 100 percent.”

However, even if the Spaniard does reach the podium, putting an end to Vettel’s title quest at least for this weekend, he knows it’s only a matter of time before the Red Bull driver clinches his second title.

And Alonso is adamant that both Vettel and his Red Bull team deserve their victory.

“He’s been the best driver, (with) the best team. They deserve to be where they are,” he told reporters in Singapore.

“This year, he has made no mistakes or very few mistakes. Last year we had a little bit more chances.

“Red Bull were also very dominant last year, but they had some trouble in some races. I remember in Turkey they crashed together, and in some other races they had mechanical failure, engine problems, etc.

“This year they improve these problems. The car is still as quick as last year but they finish all the races. He is the only one to finish all the races. Plus he is driving very, very well.

“When you have a dominant car it is easy to do a pole and win a race, but there have been occasions when the conditions were very tricky and he managed to put the car on pole and drove a perfect race from start to the end.”